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Physics and Mathematics Workshop!

These concept questions were developed by cross-disciplinary teams of participants at the June 1999 workshop on Physics and Mathematics. One common way to use concept questions is to present the question to the class and ask for a vote (either with cards or ideally you would have electronic voting equipment). After seeing the results, ask students to discuss the question in groups, then vote again.

We hope you will enjoy these concept questions and will find them helpful for your teaching. Please use them freely, but we ask that you contact us afterwards to let us know if they were useful.
(You can contact project directors Drs. Straley or Winkel via the Partnerships home page http://science.kennesaw.edu/~mburke/partnerships/index.html.)

Albany State University: Gas Pistons
Catching Bullets
Which way friction?
Zero Power
Dartmouth: Two Cars
What's a derivative?
Phase Space Plots
Log-Log Plots
Georgetown Day School: f '  to  f
Rolling up Ramps
Pushing a Tricycle
Albertson College of Idaho: Sonic Ranger
Spring Work
Ohio Northern University: Perihelion Season
Southwest Texas Junior College: Moving Objects
Light Bulbs
Trinity College: Win the Lottery
Win it Again
United States Military Academy: Amusing Rides
AntiAircraft Duds
Winston-Salem State University: Solid Heat
Liquid Heat

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