Conceptual Question 1
(Southwest Texas Junior College)

Background: This question will be one of several questions assigned to students during class time near the end of the unit study of motion in one dimension. Students will be asked to select the best answer and explain why the other responses are not correct. A reporter designated by each group will present the group’s answer to the class. Class discussion will follow after all groups have made their reports.

Which of the statements below is true? (Only one possible answer.)

  1. a.  An object moving uniformly has no forces acting on it.
  2. b.  An object having average velocity equal to zero can be moving.
  3. c.  Deceleration simply means negative acceleration.
  4. d.  An object having average velocity equal to zero is not accelerating.

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Contributors: Mary Beth Monroe, Margaret Messinger
Institution: SouthWest Texas Junior College
Target Audience: Physics students
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