Albany State University
K. C. Chan & Samuel Masih
Project Summary

1. Target Audience:

Pre-calculus and Introductory Physics Students (Parallel courses)


Physics-Mathematics Connections

3.Course Description:

Pre-calculus: Transcendental functions and their applications

Introductory physics: Physical concepts of matter, motions, energy and fundamental forces.

A Multimedia Interactive Math book will be used in both courses to connect math and physics.

4.Project Description:

The topics outlined below are topics to be connected in the parallel courses to be offered in the near future. Whenever physics is taught, the Multimedia Interactive Math book will be used as a means to review basic math concepts such as function and trigonometry. On the other hand, the Multimedia Interactive Math book will incorporate Introductory Physics examples when it is used in the pre-calculus course. The linkages above are topics to be connected and to be worked on.

5. Syllabi of topics to be connected:

Physics Topics


Pre-Calculus Topics

Units & measurement   Review of Algebraic functions and their graphs.
Kinematics   Review of solutions of polynomial equations.

Modeling with Polynomial functions.

Newton’s Laws   Trigonometric Ratios. Problem solving using solutions of Right Triangles

Vector concepts

Momentum   Circular functions. Trigonometric function values
Work-energy   Periodic functions. Amplitude, period and Phase shift

Modeling using Trigonometric functions

SHM, waves and

energy propagation

  Trigonometric Equations
Heat & thermodynamics   Inverse Trigonometric functions
Rotational dynamics   Problem solving using Sine cosine formulas
optics   Polar representation of complex numbers
    Demoivre’s theorem and its applications
    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    Models involving exponential and logarithmic functions.

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