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August 2009 trip to adopt Daniel Liu Chao Styer

January 2008 trip to China to adopt David Chuan Jian Styer

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Styer Family History

My brother has family info which I copy here:

"Here is a list of my ancestors as far back as we can trace it:

Note: My records are not consistent on if the 'Steiger' or 'Steger' was used for the early ancestors."

My brother also has a family photo from our 50th family reunion in 1998:

Many of our relatives are buried in the Columbia Cemetery in West Hemlock Township, Columbia Hill Road, near Danville, PA.  

Here is a 2011 photo of my mother's side of the family (she had 8 siblings, my dad had 11 siblings, I have over 100 cousins):


photo of homeschool science club visiting Villanova biologist Dr. Dollahon's lab to see the electron microscope.
photo of us in summer 1999 mining sapphires near Helena Montana. 


Some slides of my dad:  Photos      More Photos


Christmas 2005 Letter  
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Stories about my mom

Joey 4D files

Melanie's lamb spring 2007

Grandma Hill

Photo of my grandparents (mother's) (higher resolution) and my grandparents (father's)

A true Christmas story Grandma Hill wrote

Grandma had a tough life growing up

A diary she kept when older

Her funeral service

Other Family Stories

Here is a newspaper article on my Uncle Fred Styer and his family running the Berwick race. 

Some stories of Uncle Fred when he was young.  

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