Erdös Numbers At Villanova

The famous "Erdös number" is explained at the Erdos Number Project, which has enormous amount of info on this fascinating collaboration graph.  About two-thirds of mathematicians have an Erdös number, with median and mode 5, and maximum 13.  Almost 90,000 people have EN=5, while about 6500 have EN=2, and only about 1100 have EN > 8.  

At Villanova, I have checked some colleagues' Erdös number using the MathSciNet collaboration option in July 2005, with some updates in 2008 and 2009.  This is what the database indicated at the times I looked.  Note that these numbers are upper bounds, since there could be shorter collaboration paths through the physics or engineering literature that is not part of the math database.  Since every person listed here with Erdös number > 5 is an engineer or physicist, it is quite likely they might have shorter paths through their own literature.  

Erdös Number 2:  Andy Woldar, Tim Feeman 

Erdös Number 3: Al Marrero, Fritz Hartmann, Sohail Chaudhry, Mirela Damian, Mary Angela Papalaskari, Marc Meketon (note Sohail is in the business college!)

Erdös Number 4: Paul Pasles, Alan Gluchoff, Bill Fleischman, Bob Jantzen, Joe Pigeon, Miriam Seliktar, Giorgi Japaridze, Bob Beck, Bob DeVos, (whose son Matt has EN = 2) Vijay Gehlot, Bill Fleischman, Jesse Frey, Doug Norton (plus via an article with lead author Papalaskari, coauthors Metzger, Phares, Styer, Titone, Way, Weinstein, Wunderlich) , Oliver Ludwig (via a student of JCP Miller)

Erdös Number 5:  Phil Maurone, James Peyton Jones, Ken Muske (note that we have a physicist, electrical engineer, and chemical engineer!)  

Erdös Number 6:  Alan Whitman  

Erdös Number 7:  Don Shaw

Erdös Number 8:  Michael Hones


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