Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Located 10 miles west of Philadelphia, BMPC has been our church home for 18 years. Here are some pictures I took in March 2008, that hopefully show the beauty of its building. For the beauty of the soul of the church, the viewers will have to come to see for themselves. . .

While viewing these pictures, the visitor may listen to this live recording of Passacaglia, by Max Reger played by our extraordinary director of music and fine arts, Jeffrey Brillhart, during the dedication ceremony in Oct 2005.

The Rieger Organ:

Built in 2005 by the Austrian organ company Rieger, it is an absolutely splendid instrument. You'd have to look far and wide to find a better one. Its tonality design is influenced by the tradition of the great French organ-builder Cavaille-Coll's. I have never heard an organ, whose sound, at any level - from pianissimo to fortissimo -  sounds more pleasing to the ear. While supporting an astonishing palette of colors, the various stops go together like a Rembrandt painting. You can hear this magnificent instrument every Sunday morning, as well as at occasional concerts listed here.

Views and Angles of BMPC:

Stained Glass:

BMPC is filled with wonderful stained glass windows that fill the sanctuary with colored light:









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