Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA


The Times of Our Lives


  1.  Why Me? A Cry from the Womb
  2.  A Time for Growing Up
  3.  Adolescence: A Time for Asking: "What Am I to Do?"
  4.  Adolescence: The Passion to Be Accepted
  5.  Adolescence: A Time for Discovering Passion
  6.  Why Do We Do Evil Things?
  7.  A Time for Seeking Wisdom
  8.  The Longing to See God
  9.  Times for Asking "What Can I Believe In?
  10.  Times of Imaginative Remembering
  11.  The Tattered Temple
  12.  A Reflection on Love
  13.  Searching for the Rainbow of Hope
  14.  Old Wineskins
  15.  Reminiscence
  16.  The Search for Perfect Happiness
  17.  Happy Humility
  18.  A Solitary Life
  19.  When a Child Dies
  20.  On Christ's Ascension
  21.  I Know Nothing!
  22.  Where's the Fire
  23.  Who is Jesus?
  24.  Why Should I Believe in Jesus? 
  25.  A Song Upon Leaving
  26.  The Wail of Jonah
  27.  Anger Management
  28.  An Autumn Reflection
  29.  Chattering Magpies
  30.  Rediscovering Jesus
  31.  Bearing God's Light to the World
  32.  The Dark and Bright Reality of Being Human
  33.  Being Passed Over
  34.  Fading Away
  35.  When Jesus Leaves
  36.  I Want to Live!
  37.  I Am
  38.  The Pleasures and Pains of Being 80
  39.  The 1st Pope
  40.  Catching Fish
  41.  Rules for the Road
  42.  Blindness: Conscience and Reputation
  43.  A Good Man is Hard to Find
  44.  Ordinary Miracles
  45.  A Spiraling Life
  46.  A Fragile Life
  47.  The Rise and Fall of Judas
  48.  A Winter Tree
  49.  Post Christmas Blues
  50.  The Light at the End of the Tunnel
  51.  A Lenten Reflection on Years Past
  52.  But When You Are Older
  53.  The Pain and Pleasure of Work
  54.  Moving On: The Lessons of Emmaus
  55.  The Story of Matthias: A Second Choice
  56.  "There but for the Grace of God Go I"
  57.  The Search for Internal Peace
  58.  The Search for Peace with Others
  59.  A Day for Masking: A Day for Unmasking
  60.  Escape from the Cave
  61.  The Church: Living in a Cracked Community
  62.  A New Year's Reflection
  63.  Heaven: The Eternal Now
  64.  Coping with a Violent World
  65.  Dwindling Body; Surging Spirit
  66.  I Have Survived
  67.  Living on a Fragile Earth
  68.  The Priest: A Holy Thursday Reflection 
  69.  An Easter Reflection: Living for Today
  70.  Post Ascension Blues
  71.  Too Good To Be True
  72.  The Message of the Trinity
  73.  Why I am Glad I am Not a Turtle
  74.  Searching for the Transfiguration
  75.  O Lord, Let Me Not Get Bored!
  76.  A Labor Day Reflection
  77.  The Vineyard
  78.  Coping with Sickness
  79.  Giving God His Time
  80.  The Back Parts of God
  81.  A Second Advent
  82.  A New Year's Reflection
  83.  The Martyrdom of Old Age: The Apostle John
  84.  The Ass (A Palm Sunday Reflection)
  85.  Barabbas (A Good Friday Reflection)
  86.  Jesus is Dead and Gone (A Holy Saturday Reflection)
  87.  River's End; Sea's Beginning (An Easter Sunday Reflection)
  88.  Betrayal and Forgiveness Betrayal and Forgiveness
  89.  Coming and Going: Waiting for the Ascension
  90.  The Consolation of Christ's Incarnation, Resurrection and Ascension
  91.  The Holy Spirit in the World Today
  92.  Curing the Curse of Babel
  93.  I Want to See God
  94.  All Saints: The Survivors 
  95.  Gift of Love: Thanksgiving
  96.  Times of Pretending
  97.  The Virtue of Pious Insanity
  98.  A Search for God: Lent 2013
  99.  Controlling our Destiny
  100.  The Prodigal Son 
  101.  The Consolation of Easter
  102.  Standing Alone
  103.  The Desire to See God
  104.  Loving God in Loving Others
  105.  Now

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