Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA

 The Search for the Self

  1.   Introduction
  2.   The Mystery of the Self
  3.   The Inner and Outer Man
  4.   Adam's Loss of Self
  5.   The Old and the New Man
  6.   The Cracked Self
  7.   The Need for Honesty
  8.   Obstacles to Self-Discovery
  9.   The Grace-Filled Self
  10.   The Beauty of Self
  11.   Earthly Attachment
  12.   Concupiscence of the Flesh
  13.   Avarice
  14.   Concupiscence of the Eyes
  15.   Worldly Ambition
  16.   The "Make-Believe" Self
  17.   The Fragile Self
  18.   The Imperishable Self
  19.   The Flow of Time
  20.   Valuing Self
  21.   Loving Self
  22.   Forgetting the Self
  23.   Escaping Self

Reflections on the Prayer of Augustine
by Donald X. Burt, OSA
Fall, 2002 - Now Available from Liturgical Press.

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