Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA


The Inn of the Samaritan


Part I

  1. The Joy of Being a Pilgrim 
  2. The Cracked Pot
  3. The Need for Human Love
  4. Having Fun
  5. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
  6. Healing Pain, Wounding Pain
  7. A Story from the Inn: The Daughter of Jairus
  8. Love Abhors a Vacuum
  9. A Story from the Inn: Walter's Prayer
  10. The Need to Be Busy
  11. Mixed Signals
  12. Physician Heal Thyself
  13. Let Me Be Healed, But Not Just Yet
  14. Don't Bleed on the Rug
  15. The Ocean is Cold But Don't Blame Me
  16. Let It Slide
  17. Rooms Without Answers
  18. Kindness
  19. My Dear Friend
  20. The Courage to Stay

    Part II
  21. Going Home with Jesus
  22. Going Back: Who Needs It?
  23. Fear of Aging
  24. The Pleasure of Being Older
  25. Thoughts While Wrinkling
  26. Healthy Humility
  27. How Much Pain Can a Person Bear?
  28. An Early Exit: The Story of Ed
  29. Leaving Early from Long Conventions
  30. Thoughts While Waiting for the Bus
  31. Second Sight
  32. Let Me Die with My Boots On
  33. The Grace of Exiting with Grace
  34. Taking Death Seriously
  35. In the Desert with Jesus
  36. A Time for Thinking About Ultimates
  37. Letting Go and Going Home
  38. The Sign of the Savior
  39. Taking Out the Ashes
  40. The Tent of the Living Room

    Part III
  42. Heavenly Dreams
  43. The Sheep and the Goats
  44. Looking Back: The Breaking Waves
  45. Today Is the Tomorrow I Worried About Yesterday
  46. Children in Heaven
  47. Resurrection
  48. My Heavenly Body
  49. Seeing and Loving the Lord
  50. See You There, My Love!
  51. In Heaven with My Love
  52. In Heaven We Shall Not Be Tired
  53. Freedom
  54. What Shall We Do in Heaven?
  55. Goof-off Day
  56. The Survivors
  57. The Possibility of Failure

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