Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA


Rush to Resurrection

  1. Introduction  
  2. Mardi Gras: Wombed Waiting
  3. Ash Wednesday: Celebration

  4. Thursday after Ash Wednesday: Things
  5. Friday after Ash Wednesday: Playing on the Road
  6. Saturday after Ash Wednesday: Illness
  7. First Sunday: The Desert in the Garden
  8. Monday of the First Week: A Group Run
  9. Tuesday of the First Week: Silent Prayer
  10. Wednesday of the First Week: The Wall of Jonah
  11. Thursday of the First Week: Esther's Prayer
  12. Friday of the First Week: Dismas
  13. Saturday of the First Week: Chasms
  14. Second Sunday: The One Who Is Left Behind
  15. Monday of the Second Week: Kindly Dumb
  16. Tuesday of the Second Week: The River
  17. Wednesday of the Second Week: Getting Ahead
  18. Thursday of the Second Week: Mixed Signals
  19. Friday of the Second Week: Prayers for Different Ages
  20. Saturday of the Second Week: Prodigal Sons
  21. Third Sunday: The Alien
  22. Monday of the Third Week: Separations
  23. Tuesday of the Third Week: Forgiveness
  24. Wednesday of the Third Week: "Pass It On!"
  25. Thursday of the Third Week: Tied Together
  26. Friday of the Third Week: Peeping Out
  27. Saturday of the Third Week: Simeon's Dream
  28. Fourth Sunday: Blindness
  29. Monday of the Fourth Week: Death at an Early Age
  30. Tuesday of the Fourth Week: Feeling Poorly
  31. Wednesday of the Fourth Week: "I Will Never Forget You"
  32. Thursday of the Fourth Week: Middle-aged Madness
  33. Friday of the Fourth Week: The April Fool
  34. Saturday of the Fourth Week: Turning the Corner
  35. Fifth Sunday: Losing a Love
  36. Monday of the Fifth Week: The Passion of the Old
  37. Tuesday of the Fifth Week: "Are We There Yet?"
  38. Wednesday of the Fifth Week: Freedom Lost - Freedom Gained
  39. Thursday of the Fifth Week: Celebration of Life
  40. Friday of the Fifth Week: The Rush to Peace
  41. The Eve of the Last Week: "Is That All There Is?"
  42. Sunday of the Last Week: The Ass
  43. Monday of the Last Week: "Give Me Five Minutes More."
  44. Tuesday of the Last Week: Bill's Call
  45. Wednesday of the Last Week: Nothing More Can Be Done
  46. Holy Thursday: The Last Gift
  47. Good Friday: The Day for Dying
  48. Holy Saturday: Peaceful Sleep
  49. Easter Sunday: Memories
  50. Postscript: Balloons

This project was completed on March 15, 2007.


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