Reflections on Augustine Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA

But When You Are Older:
Reflections on Coming to Age


  1.   The Golden Years
  2.   "But When You Are Older"
  3.   Old Love
  4.   The Merry-Go-Round
  5.   Pleasure in Surviving
  6.   Slowing Up and Cooling Down
  7.   My Old Friend, My Body
  8.   A Life of Glass
  9.   Old Learning
  10.   Old Passions
  11.   Humble Tolerance
  12.   Planned Obsolesence
  13.   Belongings
  14.   Nostalgia for the Future
  15.   Images of Life: Butterfly Wings
  16.   Sylvan Refections of An Old Plant
  17.   Graceful Aging
  18.   Paying for the Past
  19.   Images of Life: The Sower
  20.   Marion's Work
  21.   The Rescuers and the Rescued 
  22.   Circles Outside Circles
  23.   Images of Life: The Lamp
  24.   My Place
  25.   Living Inside Oneself
  26.   Stillness
  27.   Listening
  28.   Reflections of a Wise Old Man
  29.   Seasons of Life
  30.   Leaving Shadows
  31.   "Thanks for the Memories"
  32.   Images of Life: The Golden Thread
  33.   The Blind Lighthouse
  34.   Thoughts at Sunset
  35.   Gambling on a Dream
  36.   Eagles Wings

Epilogue: "We'll Meet Again"

This project is now complete.

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