Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA


Hospice: Reflections on a Dying Life


  1.   A Flowing Life
  2.   Dealing With Disaster
  3.   Forgiveness
  4.   Dealing With Death
  5.   Fear of Death
  6.   Helping the Dying
  7.   The Sad Necessity of War
  8.   Peace in the Hospice
  9.   Grief: When a Loved One Dies
  10.   Grief: A Mother's Death
  11.   The Joy of Being Alive
  12.   The Joy Of Loving
  13.   Dying to Live
  14.   Piercing the Dome
  15.   To Sleep, Perhaps to Dream
  16.   Finding Comfort in a Wrinkled Bed
  17.   Scandals in the Inn
  18.   Room With A View
  19.   After Life: Desires and Dreams
  20.   Resurrection
  21.   It's A Beautiful World
  22.   The Mystery of Evil
  23.   It's A Wonderful Life: (Indeed, the Best!)
  24.   Homeless at Villanova
  25.   Holy Indifference
  26.   The Possibility of Heaven
  27.   What is Heaven Like?
  28.   One Paw Short of Perfection
  29.   Christ-bearer
  30.   The Sad Necessity of Hell
  31.   The Possibility of My Salvation
  32.   The Consolation of Easter
  33.   Reaching for the Stars
  34.   Fever
  35.   A Solitary Life
  36.   A Life of No Importance
  37.   Joyful Work
  38.   Dealing with Illness
  39.   Butterflies
  40.   Perverting Choices
  41.   Waiting for God to Call

Project completed.

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