Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA

Loving A Hidden God


           Part A.  Darkness

  1.   Times of Darkness
  2.   The Darkness of the Blind
  3.   The Darkness of Great Expectations
  4.   The Darkness of Pride
  5.   The Clarity of Humility
  6.   The Fear of Death
  7.   The Darkness of Despair
  8.   Hope in Darkness

    Part B.  Listening
  9.   Pious Listening
  10.   Quiet Listening
  11.   The Teacher Within
  12.   The Need for an Open Mind
  13.   Waiting for the Word

    Part C.  Discovery

  14.   Knowledge: The Path Out of Darkness
  15.   On Praise of Reason
  16.   Discovery Through Faith
  17.   Discovery of Jesus
  18.   Discovery of Myself
  19.   Search for God
  20.   What is God Like

    Part D.  Bravery

  21.   Fortitude
  22.   Making Sense of Evil
  23.   Patient Endurance
  24.   Brave Prayer
  25.   Prudent Bravery
  26.   Perseverance: "Walk On"

    Part E.  Love

  27.   The Counsel of Mercy
  28.   The Nature of Love
  29.   Friendly Love
  30.   Love's Obstacles
  31.   The Joy of Human Love
  32.   The Pain of Human Love

    Part F.  Purification

  33.   Final Purification
  34.   Illness of the Spirit
  35.   Freedom from the Body
  36.   Freedom from Things
  37.   Purification of Ambition
  38.   Purifying Our Focus 

    Part G.  Wisdom

  39.   Climbing the Mountain
  40.   Waiting on the Mountain
  41.   Day Without Seeing God
  42.   Loving a Still Hidden God


Reflections on Augustine's Search for God
by Donald X. Burt, OSA
Forthcoming in October, 2003 from Liturgical Press

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