Reflections on Augustine Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA

Friendship and Society:
 Introduction to Augustine's Practical Philosophy



Chapter 1 - The Human Predicament

Chapter 2 - Philosophy and History

    Augustine's Philosophy of History

Chapter 3 - Ethics

    The Questions Raised
    Augustine's Ethical Theory
        The Meaning of Happiness
         Augustine's Answer to "What is Good?"
         Augustine's Answer to "Why be Good?"
         The Characteristics of the Good Person
    Concluding Thought: Hopeful Optimism   

Chapter 4 -  Friendship and Society

    Introduction: The Human as Social Animal
    The Nature and Characteristics of Friendship
    Authority in a Society of Friends
    Augustine and the Friendly Society

         Chapter 5 -  The Family: A Society of Friends

Introduction: The Forms of Society
                The Nature and Goods of Marriage
                Husband and Wife: The Union of Friends

        Chapter 6 - The Family: Obstacles to Friendship               

            The Problem
            The Inequality of Women
            Subordination of Wife to Husband
            Sexual Desire
       Concluding Thoughts

        Chapter 7 - The Nature of the State

                    A Tale of Two Cities
                    The Cultural Context
                Augustine's Political Philosophy
                    Preliminary Points
                    Nature and Purpose of the State
                Is the State a Natural Society?
                    The Structure and Importance of the Question
                    The Need for the State
                    Development of the Argument
                    The Meaning of Natural Authority
                    Objection: Shepherds not Kings
                    "Dreaming of Jerusalem" - The Ideal State

Chapter 8 - Law and Violence

    Introduction: Coping with Babylon
    The Nature and Limits of Civil Law
    Dealing with the Imperfect State
    The Moral Response to Violence
        The Causes of Violence
        The Morality of Violent Acts
        Killing Humans: General Principles

         Chapter 9 - War and Peace

The Nature of Peace
                The Nature and Morality of War               

        Chapter 10 - Crime and Punishment               

        Augustine's Views on Punishment
        The Morality of Capital Punishment

Chapter 11 - Church and State

    The Nature of the Church
    History of Donatism
Augustine on the Justification of State Intervention
    in Religious Disputes
Justifying Reasons for State Intervention
Toleration of Pagans, Jews and Manicheans



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