Reflections on Augustine's Spirituality

Donald X. Burt, OSA

EMMANUEL: Reflections On The God Who is With Us - Revised


           Reflections While Waiting

  1. Wars And Rumors Of Wars  
  2. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel 
  3. Family Love 
  4. The Lord Comes With Peace  
  5. Advent Virtues: Self-Acceptance  
  6. Advent Virtues: Honest Patience 
  7. Advent Virtues: Pious Insanity 
  8. Advent Virtues: Solitariness 
  9. Advent Virtues: Bravery In New Beginnings 
  10. Advent Virtues: Joyful Pride 
  11. Advent Virtues: Desert Wisdom 
  12. Advent Virtues: Enthusiasm 
  13. Advent Virtues: Trust  
  14. Advent Virtues: Farsightedness  
  15. The Lord Comes To John The Baptist 
  16. The Lord Comes To Nicodemus 
  17. The Lord Comes To Bartimeus 
  18. The Lord Comes To Pilate 
  19. The Lord Comes To Anna And Simeon 
  20. The Lord Comes To The Young 
  21. The Lord Comes To Zachary 
  22. The Lord Comes To His Mother, Mary 
  23. The Lord Comes To Joseph 
  24. The Lord Comes To Elizabeth  
  25. God's Love-Song 
  26. Mary's Song 
  27. Angels And Shepherds 
  28. "What", "Where", "Why" : A Christmas-Eve Reflection 

    The Twelve Days Of Christmas: "The Lord Has Come!"
  29. A Child Has Come 
  31. A Family Celebration 
  33. Appearance And Reality 
  35. Christmas In The Hospital 
  37. A Christmas Balloon 
  39. Sunrise: Sunset  
  40. A Lighthouse Christmas 
  42. The Gift Of Time 
  44. The Times Of Our Lives: A New Year's Reflection 
  46. The Tire Rolls On: A New Year's Reflection 
  48. The Family 
  50. After The Coming  

    Epiphany: Bringing The Lord To The World

  51. Epiphany: God's Secret 
  52. Ordinary Days 
  53. The Race 
  54. Storms 
  55. Joy After The Lord's Coming 
  56. Holy Moses!  
  57. A Final Word: the Missing Wise-Man  

This project was completed on January 28, 2006.

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