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Welcome to my homepage. I am currently full professor at Villanova University, my academic home since 1985. However, at various times I have been hosted by other universities and institutions whose hospitality and generosity I gratefully acknowledge. Here is a list of some of the International conferences / workshops I have attended.

Research Interests:

I received my Ph.D. in group theory in 1984 under the watchful direction of Ronald Solomon at The Ohio State University. My research interests include group theory, algebraic combinatorics, and graph theory, and I am indebted to Ron Solomon, Eiichi Bannai, and Neil Robertson for mentoring me in these respective areas. Additional inspiration and encouragement was provided by Koichero Harada, Richard Lyons, and Daniel Gorenstein, and I also thank Henry Glover for opening my eyes to the genus problem, thereby exposing me to an intricate landscape of topology, group theory, and combinatorics.

Please visit my publications page and / or find out how I met Einstein during my tenure at the Institute for Advanced Study.

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Teaching Activities:

MAT 2500-001: M, W, F 10:30 -- 11:20, R 12:00 -- 12:50

MAT 2500-H01: M, W, F 11:30 -- 12:20, R 10:00 -- 10:50

Scheduled Office Hours:  M, W 12:30 -- 2:00;  R 11:00 --11:50

I have made my CATS evaluations accessible to all Villanova undergraduate and graduate students on NOVASIS.   (NB: This is a secure environment. You will need a password to enter.)

Special thanks to the students who have nominated me for the Lindback Award at various times over the years.

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Other Activities:

I am a member of the Editorial Board of the Journals ISRN Algebra, Algebra Letters, and The Scientific World Journal.

I am a frequent guest on the radio talk show Cotolo Chronicles, hosted by Frank Cotolo, prolific entertainer and former writer for the legendary Wolfman Jack.

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